Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Making a Website More Responsive

When you are designing a website, you will need to make it responsive. Simply having a stock template with text dumped into it is clearly not enough when you are hoping to communicate and compete in a competitive market.

To make a website more responsive requires some quality web design, but with a good team of developers, you’ll be able to produce a website to show off your company in style. A responsive site needs to react and respond to the customer and this article considers some of the most important ways in which this can happen.

Collecting Cookies

If you want your website to learn about the customer or visitor, then you will have to enable cookie collection. Cookies are add-ons built into the site that collects information about what a customer or visitor does and what they look at.

Collecting cookies is perfectly legal, but you’ll need to ensure it is made clear that you are using them in your privacy policy and that there are clear instructions to allow customers to opt out of the service.

Tracking Use

With cookies in place, your website will be able to track the links that customers click on and you can then analyse this information to see what customers find interesting. Over time, the software will learn what links customers tend to follow in connection with other links and this will enable the system to make suggestions to customers.

Just as Amazon recommends products that other customers have looked at in relation to items that you are looking at, so too can your website show similar connections.

Creating Recommendations

You can take this system one step further by programming recommendations into the system in line with your sales goals.

If a customer is interested in bike products, for example, then setting your system up to show a range of other bike products that you want to push for sales or links to particular bike-related parts of your website will increase the chance of customers finding what they want.

Analysing Use

Whilst much of this learning and connection-building can be done automatically by your server, there will have to be some overarching analysis of the website by your web development team to keep the site improving and responding to users in the appropriate manner.

Using Google Analytics will enable you to accurately analyse and assess the use of your website so that you can identify the promotions and features that customers are responding positively or negatively to. With this ongoing assessment, you can ensure that your site consistently improves to offer a set-up that is responsive to ongoing customer demand.

Developing a Responsive Website

For a website to be responsive, you will need to put effort into the development and construction so that the system can actively learn about customers.

With an automated system that builds links as customers engage with your page and an overarching analysis and development, you’ll then be able to create a truly responsive website. Responding to customer demands in this manner will enable you to get the best from your online presence and build your systems around the desires of your customers. 

If you are looking for to make some responsive website for your company, then look no further, contact CyberVision International for designing and development of responsive websites.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

4 Good Reasons To Hire A Web Design Company

Having an effective and well-designed website is absolutely crucial for any modern business. The temptation many business owners have is to learn how to build a site themselves and maintain it. This is probably a serious mistake, as the learning curve for web design is very steep. Additionally, programming will take you away from running your core business. It's far more likely, that when considering web design in Pakistan, most business owners may be interested in outsourcing the work.

1. Expertise

A good web design company will be skilled in all aspects of modern web design. In Perth, many business owners should check some examples of the websites that the company has built. A good website will be well laid out, secure, responsive and attractive.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the method by which a web designer can make your website more visible in the search engines. Some of this is dependent on external links, but it is also interesting to note that some of the best links can be internal. The placement of information on the web pages can also help your website to rank higher. A higher ranking equals more visitors for your keywords, which in turn can generate more customers.

3. Technical Support

A good web design company may also offer to follow on support for your website. This is invaluable, as any downtime when your site isn't working is bad for business. An additional advantage of using the same company is that they will know your website and specific requirements as they built it for you.

4. Staying Up To Date

The internet is a very fast moving place, technical advancements in programming occur all the time. Learning how to tie social media into your web design and online presence can help promote your business to a wider audience. Staying relevant and up to date can be difficult, as there is a lot of stuff to keep track of. A good web design will be constantly evolving to take advantage of all the latest innovations and they can pass that expertise on to your business.

If you would like to know more about web design company in Pakistan or anything related to web design, contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to Create a SEO Friendly Web Design

While it’s always important that your web design is attractive and easy to use for your visitors, it’s even more important that your site is optimized for the web. After all, if very few people can find your site, what’s the purpose of having it online? 

A SEO friendly web design will help you rank high in the search engine result pages. This will help you dominate your niche by making sure that people interested in what you have to offer can find your products and services.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that you’re making use of SEO friendly website design.

Use the Right Keywords

If you fail to use the right keywords, the search engines and your targeted market may never find you on the vast world wide web. In order to ensure that you select the right keywords to target, determine what your objectives are. Are you focused on only targeting your local area, the entire country or the world? 

Once you determine who your targeted visitors are, you can then search for appropriate keywords. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to enter your proposed keywords to see how many people are using those keywords to find products and services like yours.

Place your Keywords Optimally into your Web Design

Once you have your keywords chosen, it’s vital that you place them in the right positions on your pages. Your keywords should go in your title tags, meta descriptions, website slogan, the main body of text, footer links, bullet points and in your H1, H2 and H3 tags. 

Google isn’t stupid and it knows when you’re stuffing keywords onto your pages. As a general rule, use your main keyword once in every 100 words or so and your secondary keyword at least once in every 400 or so words. Each page of your site should contain one main keyword and three or four secondary keywords.

Create a Web Design Structure That Search Engines can Navigate Easily

A key to SEO friendly web design lies in creating a web design structure that is easy for the search engines to navigate. When you provide the search engine crawlers with a little direction, it will let them know what pages are the most important in your site.

You should build roadways for the bots to follow using a crawlable link structure. Focus on making sure you have direct and crawlable links pointing to the pages you want to show up in search engine results. With a sound web design structure and formatting, you can make both the search engines and your visitors happy.

Create Compelling Content that’s 100% Unique

By creating content that’s interesting and informative and which isn’t plagiarized, you will find that Google and the other search engines will reward you by moving you up in the search rankings. 

Today, Google is harshly punishing sites which are using copied content. If you don’t have any writing skills, find someone who does so that you can continually incorporate fresh, compelling and unique key-word optimized content into your web design

Friday, September 30, 2016

Keeping Your Concept Original with Custom Web Design

An original concept is something everyone is after these days but without custom web design, that concept may become misconstrued into something that isn’t so original. There are plenty of themes available out there but in order to make a website really stand out, it’s vital that your site show the differences of your product or offering from other websites. When it comes to ready-made themes, unfortunately the problem is that you aren’t the only one with access to these themes. At the same time, although there is nothing wrong with starting off with a ready- made theme as your base, you must have a good Islamabad web design company set this up for you so that you can modify it according to your company. Things as simple as a bigger front page picture for example, can enhance your website presence on the web and make you stand out from the possible sea of clients who are using a theme that you like.

At the same time, it is still important to have an easy to understand layout, pretty much a no-brainer for your customers, so that you can actually get them to purchase without going through a large and overly complicated process. Of course, in doing this, it is imperative that the web design company you choose also have the right information. One Islamabad web design company that is making waves is a company called CyberVision. Other than their ability to provide the best in web design, the company goes one up by providing you with other items too, most importantly, website optimization services. These services can be integrated into the web design that you are planning to get done to your website so that at the end of the day, you have the opportunity to get your site found when it starts running.

Since this Islamabad SEO company is known for its great marketing services and not just for its design services, you have the capability to ensure that your website doesn’t just look good – it’s also seen as well. After all, there’s no point in getting a website done if no one can get to it right? For impeccable websites and great marketing to go with that, there’s no better company to work with and ensure that you are getting what you really need. CyberVision worked with some big clients such as Tansworld, KBL etc.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

6 Web Design Trends We Can Expect to See More Often in Future

Who can forget about the GIFs on the 90’s or those up to date focus viewed on flat screen brought to us by web design Pakistan? For the past years, there has been a wide surge in popularity when it comes to the responsive web design trends. Aside from that, there are also more sites that join in driving just to become mobile ready especially now that the wake of Google is giving a mobile friendly update to its users.
The days of those overflowing pages, which are cluttered with information have passed. Today, they are being replaced by the increase of focus on the simplicity of user interface. Thus, to give honor of getting back to the basics, below are the 6 web design trends that you are going to see in the future to come.
Ghost Buttons and Line Icons
Because of the introduction of Apple iOS 7, you are now able to see the popular rise in the line of ghost button and iconography. Ghost buttons are those transparent buttons outlined with a very thin line. It allows creating a simple aesthetic that allows the button and the icons to appear lighter and serve as a support to those colorful illustrations and photography. They also become integral in the flat interface style that has grown very popular in the past years.
A No Header Background Image
In the past few years, brands are opting for a large and customized photography in the area of campaign. Images are appearing to be at its maximum width and run through the edge of those page and browser just like what we see in magazines. Those designs with print-based elements are still part of the web design trends but it is going to predict a less image and a simpler area for campaign. It allows a typography to take a stand and then remove all those visual distractions straight from the content.
Material Design
Material design is a web design trend that brings a maturation of flat designs. A popular technique used for the user interface design that focuses on the minimal use of color, clean shapes and typography.
Interactive Info graphics
Users are more engage on joining web interactivity and data that makes browsing the web more fun. Users also find it more interesting because instead of a static image, a user can get navigation via info graphics.
Micro interactions
Micro interactions give an excellent user experience as well as web design in details. The users are more inclined to notice a subtle interaction in a certain website. Having small animations engage the users and it makes the overall content more interesting.
A Full Screen Video
While minimalism continues to be new and hot, a full screen video and background continue to dominate. It has the ability to process and retain those visual images, which means that a quick hook is the only thing that it takes.
As web design trends continue to become more sophisticated, it is very much interesting how Pakistan Web Designing Company interpret them for the people to look forward in the next years to come.